Bhopal After 31 Years

Our Shapers, Nikita Kothari and Shreesh Tripathi visited the Union Carbide Road in Bhopal on December 3, a date that gave BHOPAL a global identity. They met the children who live in the areas near the Union Carbide Factory and this is what they have to say about such an identity- "Thirty-One years ago, the city of Bhopal witnessed the worst industrial disaster in the history of human-kind. Every year, December 3rd is remembered as a day of agony in Bhopal, India and even worldwide. We pay homage to the innocent people who have lost their lives and to their generations who are still in a crisis. Every time someone mentions Bhopal, we suddenly associate it with the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the aftereffects. Because we have not been able to free ourselves from the ghosts of the past, the memory of this day haunts us severely. But is that it?

Is this what Bhopal is all about? No way! Despite the presence of bugs in the system, let us not forget how this city has evolved in the past three decades. If Madhya Pradesh is the Heart of India, we are the Soul of Madhya Pradesh. We are the capital of this state and perhaps the 17th largest city of India with a population of nearly 20 lakhs. Bhopal is the City of Lakes that houses Bhojtal; the largest artificially constructed lake in Asia built by Raja Bhoj with an area of 31 sq. km. We rank 9th among the top greenest cities of India. We are qualified to become a smart city in coming years. This city has preserved its history and culture over the centuries and has emerged as a fast developing hub with huge potential in tourism, entertainment, art and craft and education. It is the time that we paint a new picture of Bhopal and change our perceptions toward this stunning city.

The people of Bhopal are battling every day with the evils of Methyl Iso-Cyanate. Let us all help them end these dreadful reminiscences. Let us make them see how this city is transforming for the betterment of its very own people. And let us give Bhopal a positive global identity that it deserves."