Make A Wish Come True

Global Shapers Bhopal has launched their first project entitled "MAKE A WISH COME TRUE" under the leadership of their Shaper Nikita Kothari and with support from the hub Curator, Mr. Abhishek Mohan Gupta and a few other shapers.

This project aims to fulfill the simplest wishes of the underprivileged children which are normally ignored by their own families due to financial or societal constraints.

To begin with, the first event took place with 105 kids of Parvarish- The Museum School. Parvarish is an NGO run and founded by Mrs. Shibani Ghosh to educate the underprivileged children through a concept of Museum school.

An activity was carried out by our Shapers where all the children were given a chance to write down their tiny wishes on sheets of paper. The most surprising wishes were things like learning dance and acting skills and perform on a big stage, own a camera to capture all the life memories, anklets (ghungroo) for classical dancing, a bicycle to go to school. A few others included books, shoes, bags, wrist watch, sports gears, clothes, footwears, Barbie dolls and cars and may others. The kids had a great time expressing themselves.

The global shapers community will compile a list of all the 105 wishes and publish them on different platforms in the coming week. The next step will include the wish fulfillment where we will be looking for volunteers who would like to become the Wish Granters and Make a Wish Come True. This activity will be carried out with many other social organizations in coming months.

To support this initiative and become a WISH GRANTER, get in touch with Global Shapers Bhopal.