Seminar on Wildlife & Environment Conservation

Global Shapers Bhopal hosted a seminar on Wildlife and Environment Conservation on 4th April 2016 in collaboration with Alliance Française de Bhopal.

The event celebrated the spirit of Environment and the World Wildlife Day with this year’s theme - "The future of wildlife is in our hands."

The program not only aimed to raise interest and awareness in matters of our environment but to also recognize and celebrate the work done by the seniors in our community. For this, Mr. P.M. Laad, a retired IFS (Indian Forest Services) officer was invited, who had a great role in the making of Van Vihar, the National Park in Bhopal. He is also an avid bird watcher and photographer. It was inspiring to hear out an elder in our community sharing his views and anecdotes and making us more aware about wildlife conservation. He talked about his personal experiences as a chief conservator and gave insights on things like how increasing human population is affecting the wildlife and how field officers should be trained well before being placed. During his lecture, he also showed some photos taken by him which included birds like stilt, pelican, bustard, forest owlet, crested lark, gold finches, florican e.t.c.

Along with him, a fairly young social worker Saurabh Vaity talked about the lesser known side of climate change and environment. He is a program associate at Under the Mango Tree Society (UTMT) working towards protection, conservation and restoration of indigenous bees with the main objective of improving rural livelihoods. Saurabh discussed how climate change is impacting the agriculture and environment and how as individuals we should step up to fix the climate change.

Global Shapers Bhopal also took the priviledge to honour these two individuals for their remarkable contribution in Wildlife and Environment Conservation.

Special thanks to our youngest shaper Arundhati Pande for conceptualising this seminar and coordinating it with such great zeal.