Saping Davos @ Bhopal

Global Shapers Bhopal Hub has been selected for Shaping Davos, an event which aims to discuss 4 topics related to theme of The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2017 in Davos - Klosters through a series of live events hosted by 16 cities around the world. This event intends to have a conversation that features local solutions to global issues. This will ensure that the local community has the opportunity to move these issues forward locally.

Bhopal hub conducted and hosted a series of local event on the topic “Moving towards digital and agile governance” on January 12, 2017 in Jagran Lakecity University Campus, Bhopal. The panelists from various influential industries discussed on how developing and emerging economies can lead the way in adopting the Fourth Industrial Revolution as an enabler for growth and inclusion with a special focus on digitalization. Harsh Agarwal, Curator for Bhopal hub said, “this event will not only bring Bhopal on the global platform but will also represent the country at the World Economic Forum.”

Bhopal hub representatives will also join the Shaping Davos live broadcast session on this topic along with three other hubs - Gaborone, Tunis and Yaroslavl on January 20, 2017. Also, Bhopal hub is connected live to Davos via satellite broadcast technology/IP technology.

Bhopal Hub had prominent guest speakers for the session

Yash Mehra ,Senior Regional Advisor - Madhya Pradesh , British High Commission New Delhi, Yash is actively working on the Smart City Projects on behalf of the British High Commission.

He said, ”technology is changing the way we live and it is always making it better for everyone.”

Another renowned guest was C.P Sharma, Chairman, CII MP who spoke about Fourth industrial revolution.

On the panel we had other distinguished panelist M. Selvendran, MD, MP State Electronics Dev. Corp. Ltd. Who spoke about the new technologies being introduced in the State of Madhya Pradesh to bring in agile governance.

Diwakar Shukla, Director, SOMC, JLU, he said that “Presently digital media becomes the change influence appearance, language, family, status, politics and religion. This is also critical for the fourth Industrial Revolution”

Manisha Mohan, Executive Vice President, Design and Animation, Tata Interactive Services spoke extensively on how virtual world is bringing about changes in our daily actions and reactions to stimulate real life situations.

Other guests Keyur Joshi, Co-founder and strategic advisor, Make My Trip, Kiran Gopal - AMD, TRIFAC, Nand Kumaran - ED, SAPS also spoke about digital communication and agile governance.

Abhishek Mohan Gupta, CEO, JLU, was the moderator for the event. He is also the Outgoing curator for Global Shapers Bhopal Hub.