Who are Global Shapers

The Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, is an ecosystem of extraordinary people in their 20s and early 30s, launched in 2011 in response to the absence of young peoples' voices in global decision-making. Shapers Community is a network of over 700 city-based Hubs, diverse in demographics, geographical areas, and sectors, united by a common desire to help build a more peaceful and inclusive world. Through their Hubs, Shapers undertake local projects to improve their communities and act as a voice for the World Economic Forum.

Members of the Shapers community possess an entrepreneurial spirit, leadership potential, and a desire to improve the state of the world. The community is non-political, self-selected, and self-organized around issues facing the world.

Shapers are organized in a network of local hubs based in major cities around the world, including Bhopal.

Our Mission

“The Community will strive to create an impact by catalyzing and enhancing, collectively, innovative solutions and fresh ideas to the world’s most pressing challenges. To stay passionate, committed and a responsible global citizen.”

Empowered by the World Economic Forum, the Bhopal Global Shapers Hub aims to empower the youth by providing youth leadership and representation through:

1.   Community initiatives highlighting and addressing local and international societal needs and adopting various measures and projects which can bring about a wave of change in the community and contribute towards its growth and development.

2.   Policy and research initiatives to promote the viewpoints of the "Shaper Generation" to influence local and international discourse and decision‐making.

Our Vision

Hub Pillars


To connect likeminded young people and empower them to succeed.


To develop an engaging community of young, bright, local change-makers with a positive organizational culture..


To demonstrate a wave of change in the community by running grassroots programs which can contribute towards its growth and development, resulting in a social impact.


To promote the viewpoints of the "Shaper Generation" to influence local & international discourse and decision‐making.

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