New Dialogue System aims to establish a Permanent Public Platform connecting the Government with Citizens & bring a change in the current Governance, Grievance redressal & Government communication system.

India is a young, rising democracy. The simple definition of democracy is "a system Of, By & For the public". Following the same principle, Indian Constitution makers adopted a system that was supposed to be made Of, By & for its citizens. The Indian Governments over the years have worked according to the constitution which directed them to ensure welfare of the public through various policies and programs. Sometimes a perfectly designed plan or policy fails to achieve desired results because somewhere the beneficiaries were not involved while planning or implementing it.

India has witnessed many such issues. In order to bridge this gap between the Government and Public and help them establish a common platform of communication for a healthy functional democracy, the Global Shapers Bhopal Hub has initiated this project.

The project works on a four-stage plan:

1. Identification of Issues: The hub will identify issues that affect lives/livelihood of the members of the public and perform preliminary research on the policies of the government that are currently in place to deal with said issues. The hub will identify the loopholes and areas of concern in the policy/program if any.

2. Dialogue with the Government: The hub will then reach out to the Government/Public Authorities/Public representatives for an open communication in which they can present their point of view on said issues and share data and information on how they plan to work in the coming years.

3. Open Dialogue P2G: The hub will reach out to Policy analysts, Local Changemakers (NGOs, Influencers & Social Workers), Academicians & retired bureaucrats to discuss the issue and points put forward by the Government/representatives. The data and information gathered by this dialogue will be utilized by putting it in public domain by organizing an open dialogue between the Local Changemakers and the Government. This involves Public to Government dialogue on an open platform facilitated by the hub where stakeholders will present their points of view on issues of concern and provide alternative solutions/ways of functioning to the government.

4. The Change: Following the third stage, the hub will organize all the new ideas presented by the Members of the public and the suggestions presented by the field experts to present it to the Government/representatives. The hub will regularly follow up and publish a success letter when the suggestions provided via project are implemented by the Government.